Rhotic Media, the financial editorial and content agency, is seeking an ambitious and versatile journalist to join its team of entrepreneurial writers.
The company has seen rapid growth in its first year, driven by its business model of offering editorial support to the global financial news industry, and corporate content to banks, corporations, asset managers, fintechs and institutional investors.
In any one week, our team produces the broadest possible range of written content, ranging from corporate sustainability reports to independent financial news stories. Our clients expect our writers to have a well-rounded understanding of the global financial services landscape, and the experience to recognise topical themes and unravel technical jargon.
The company is managed by an executive team of experienced journalists that have worked for the largest financial media groups in the world, including the Financial Times and Dow Jones.

As a member of our financial editorial squad, you will be writing and editing either editorial or corporate assignments. Wherever possible, we will try to allocate clients that match your career experience and competences. Likely sectors, based on the current client base, would include asset management, pensions, retail banking, fintech innovation, investor services and regulation.
In addition to the editorial responsibilities, all team members are encouraged to seek new business, for which there is an extremely generous commission scheme. While juggling their writing commitments, team members will typically attend networking events, meet contacts and pitch businesses for new work.

We offer a competitive salary, flexible working in the truest possible sense, and the opportunity to join a business witnessing rapid growth.
All Rhotic Media staff have salaries that have a fixed and commission element. We want all staff to feel financially secure, so we pay salaries that reflect this, but there is no cap on earnings. The commission element means that the harder you work, the higher your monthly earnings will be.
Because of this pay structure, it means that we do not define working hours. Each team member is required to work a minimum of 32 contracted hours in any one week, but when you work them is up to you, and your clients. So, if you are a night owl and hate early mornings, that’s fine with us – as long as your clients are happy!
Staff often work in the City of London. All staff are issued with a pass from our office provider, which grants access to offices and meeting rooms at locations globally. Handy, if you need to meet clients for a coffee or a catch up. Of course, some people just work better from home.
Rhotic Media’s pension scheme is with the National Employment Savings Trust, but employees are welcome to nominate their own pension, if they would prefer contributions are paid into another qualifying scheme.

We are seeking a journalist with personality, as we need someone who is a great writer but great at landing new business too. We are not prescriptive about educational background, but we would anticipate that the right candidate would have a minimum of seven years of experience working as a staff journalist, or in agency-side public relations. We may consider candidates that don’t fit this brief entirely, but we ask that those who do not give us convincing reasons to be considered.

Interested parties should email Joe McGrath with their CV or LinkedIn profile and a covering letter explaining why they feel the company would be a good fit for them.