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Who we are

Rhotic Media is a full-service content agency. We help clients to craft content strategies through identifying key objectives, advising how to reach an audience, and developing content to fit the right distribution channels.

We advise on strategy and are fluent in the widest range of content styles. With many recognised journalists in our team, we are also able to provide presenters and hosts for industry events, webinars, and live broadcasts.

Of course, all businesses are different, so we have pricing models to suit every company. Some of our clients commission us project by project, while others “block book” a set number of hours each month as part of longer-term contracts. The choice really is yours.

Rhotic Media champions a culture that marries performance with purpose. We are proud of our colleagues, championing their development and acknowledging their achievements.

We believe team members work best when they are paid well, feel supported, and are secure at work. As we grow, we believe it is important that every member of team feels empowered to contribute to our culture and to the direction of the business.

As a private company, Rhotic has no external shareholders which means we can focus our entire operation on delivering only for clients and employees. The leadership team have long-term strategic goals to grow the company and are remunerated in line with the company’s success.

Rhotic is a business that allows potential to flourish and where an individual’s talent can be matched to the needs of our clients. To encourage this, we have committed to the long-term professional development of our people and to recognising the contribution that individuals make to growing our business, particularly when they excel.

At Rhotic, there is no place for blame. We win together, or we fail together. Team members are encouraged to support their colleagues through tough periods. Equally, we believe that everybody should benefit when the company outperforms.

We want to build a welcoming culture which embraces the strengths and diversity of our workforce. There is no place for discrimination or inequality within the company.