Youth development

Employment and education, when packaged together can transform lives.

That’s why Rhotic Media is proud to be an employer of degree apprentices. Our award-winning degree apprenticeship programme allows individuals to take their first step into industry without having to sacrifice a higher education qualification.

Under the scheme, Rhotic commits to paying a full time wage to each apprentice and towards the cost of their degree.

Our journalist apprentices start on £20,000 (far higher than the national apprentice wage), with three working days per week committed to work and two days reserved for study. Apprentices qualify for guaranteed pay rises each year as they pass their annual exams.

The company is also an employer under the UK Government’s Kickstart Scheme. Companies subscribed to the scheme agree to train young people between the ages of 16-24 who have been on long-term benefits. Through the scheme, we are offering another pathway for young people to get into financial journalism and financial marketing.